The game runs the powerful mechanism of change
in the life of every player

Phoenix Rebirth Game

It is "burning" that gives a chance to escape the inert environment of our settled life, to leave the familiar rut, to explore oneself and come to life again.

The Phoenix Rebirth Game helps to safely and with full awareness step on the way of complete changes.

Game creator and facilitator

Lilia Koch

A psychologist and book writer

Hello my friends,

I’ve been actively traveling around the world and holding transformation games in different parts of our planet for a long time now. Many men and women from such countries as Turkey, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, Venezuela, Taiwan, Italy, Switzerland, the USA, France, Germany, and Russia have played and transformed their lives for the better playing Phoenix Rebirth Game. Countries, people, and nationalities are very different. However, I had a unique opportunity to see that we all make one whole. We are very much alike in our key wishes, objectives, and ambitions. We all want to be loved, needed, and to be successful. We desire to be useful for the world and to live a bright life full of sense, happiness, and inspiration. Having analyzed players’ frequent questions, I have come to understand that other psychological approaches to improving our lives have not been sufficient. While other transformation games are interesting, I felt that there had to be something else. Something that could let you touch the sacred, return to zero, “burn” without any fear in order to be “reborn” again. This would allow you to create your own reality and step in your life with fuller awareness.

That idea made me restless and I was motivated to create something new – a game that could integrate everyone’s issues into a simple and interesting way. A game that let players work through the layers of their lives at essential levels. This is Phoenix Rebirth Game! It is an incredibly deep game that offers unlimited opportunities for players. I want to invite you for an exciting journey to yourselves. Be among the first to experience the transformative power of Phoenix Rebirth Game!

Love, Lilia Koch

The birth of the game

The Phoenix Rebirth Game is special, and the story of its origin is also very special. Firstly, the Game was born as a mapping of my life journey. Three times in my life I had to "burn" and be reborn again. Secondly, I didn't have to work on it, in the traditional sense. Quite often people ask me how it was possible to develop such a deep, multi-layered, such an incredible game? It's the whole universe! How many of you worked on it? How were you able to create it it by combining fine thread of existence in reality? The answer is simple and short: "I don't know!". And it's true. I don't know how it happened, but the game itself came to me in the form of a bird Phoenix. Always wondered how some creations, visit their creators in dreams and visions. And then I got this experience myself, for which I am eternally grateful to God.

My credo

My credo is simply this: openness and honesty are the most important qualities we must develop. To be vulnerable means to be strong and brave. The generosity for words, attention and interest to others will come back to us, as love of the Universe. The ability to remember who we really are, gives us the ability to trust each moment of our life as our own choice.

The most valuable

Under a protective shell, our social armour, each of us hides the most valuable thing - our uniqueness. It is important to find, remember and love that soft, vulnerable, true self. Accepting and loving yourself as someone weak, unprotected and vulnerable helps to get the inner freedom and power to change. It is important to find the strength to start the process of shedding this shell.

Freedom and Power

Strengthening your unique personality from inside, we are freed from the need to protect ourselves with armor. A stronger personality can easily use any skills if necessary. Most importantly, we will learn how to choose them and use them not for protection, but for self-realization. Adding to that the awareness of an adult, with a positive life experience, we can recreate a better version of ourrself consciously and purposefully.

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