Game facilitator

Lilia Koch

Creator of the Phonix Rebirth game, psychologist and life coach

Hello my friends,

I’ve been actively travelling around the world and holding transformation games in different parts of our planet for a long time now. Many men and women from such countries as Turkey, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, Venezuela, Taiwan, Italy, Switzerland, the USA, France, Germany, and Russia have played and transformed their lives for the better playing Phoenix.

Countries, people, and nationalities are very different. However, I had a unique opportunity to see that we all make one whole. We are very much alike in our key wishes, objectives, and ambitions. We all want to be loved, needed, and to be successful. We desire to be useful for the world and to live a bright life full of sense, happiness, and inspiration.

Having analyzed players’ frequent questions, I have come to understand that other psychological approaches to improving our lives have not been sufficient. While other transformation games are interesting, I felt that there had to be something else. Something that could let you touch the sacred, return to zero, “burn” without any fear in order to be “reborn” again. This would allow you to create your own reality and step in your life with fuller awareness.

That idea made me restless and I was motivated to create something new – a game that could integrate everyone’s issues into a simple and interesting way. A game that let players work through the layers of their lives at essential levels. This is Phoenix!

It is an incredibly deep game that offers unlimited opportunities for players. I want to invite you for an exciting journey to yourselves. Be among the first to experience the transformative power of Phoenix!

Lilia Koch

What is the Phoenix Rebirth Game?

Phoenix Rebirth is a psychological game, the unique tool for exploring and transforming one’s own reality in every sphere of life.

The title of the game conveys the metaphorical meaning of human existence. Like the Phoenix bird – who burns and is reborn anew - we continue a never-ending cycle of improving ourselves and the world around us.

The Phoenix Rebirth Game is designed for anyone who has a clear intention and readiness to embark on the path of transformation of personal reality and entirely to change their lives.

During the game the participants uncover the knowledge of how casually and unconsciously we create our own reality from the moment of birth. The parts of reality are interrelated and affect the layer of the world of each of us. Players see and relive the cyclical nature of existence, drifting through the Islands of life, burning and being reborn from the ashes.

The game will help you:

finally bring changes into your life

learn what makes up your reality and discover ways to transform it

understand what you expect and what prevents to obtain the desired

realize if you are ready to wake up and start truly living

clearly see the current situation in your life

make necessary choices without hesitation

improve relations with family, friends, colleagues

get a better stress-free balance in work and lif

become aware of your hidden fears and obstacles

The game runs the powerful mechanism of change
in the life of every player

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